Sunday, October 28, 2007


have you ever heard of the play called Best Christmas Pageant Ever? guess what? i tried out and got a part! i'm one of the Herdmans (the gang, punk-ish family)! i'm so excited!! but starting on Nov. 5, i have to practice every day till the productions start...which there are 17 pruductions!! it will be SOOOOOOOOOOOO fun!!!!! well, i gotta run. ttyl!


Monday, October 15, 2007

Harry Potter

i know this is kinda wierd, but i've started reading the Harry Potter books. they are actually really good! last night, i finished the third one and now i need to get the forth one. so far, i've been getting them @ the local bookstore, but i think i'm gonna check the forth out from the library. also, the movies are great!

c u l8r,


(p.s. did you know the author of Harry Potter {J. K. Rowling} is worth more than the queen of England??)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Great American Pumpkin Hunt

tonight, our youth group is having the Great American Pumpkin Hunt @ our house! i'm sooo excited! last year i did it, and it totally rocked! ur probably like, what the heck is the Great American Pumpkin Hunt?? well, it's like a scavenger hunt sorta, but we break up into teams and the parents drive us around town, and when we first set off, we get a clue. then we go where the clue says. someone gives us the next clue, so on so forth. it's soooooo amazingly fun! and my bff is coming! she didn't do it last year, but her and my sis r doin it this year. yay!! well, i gotta go.