Saturday, December 15, 2007

BCPE Shows

on monday, we finally started with our first shows!! in the part where i steal the baby, first Imogene slams it in the manger, but she threw it too hard, so it bounced out of the manger and off of the set!! when i went to get it, the producer was holding it up. i grabbed it and threw it. anyways, monday we had two shows, then no shows tuesday or wednasday. thursday was another two shows, but the guy who plays Ralph (one of the Herdmans...bad kids) showed up and said he had popped a bone in his neck. he had collapsed, paralyzed, for a few minutes. so, he couldn't do the part. the assistant stage manager had to do it for him. let me tell ya, he did a GREAT job for never doing it ever before!!! last night we had a public show. it was great, but the baby bounced out AGAIN. only this time, it went forward, which was OK. well, i have to go. c ya!!

(A.K.A. Snake)