Thursday, April 17, 2008

Movie Star

Oh yeah, I'm a movie star!! Okay, so you've heard of your 'five minutes of fame'? Well, I got 5 seconds of fame.....
In 2006, we went to be extras in a local independent film about softball. They finished it last year, and had a premier at the local theater tonight. They planned the whole thing kind of like a Hollywood-red-carpet kind of thing. It was almost impossible to get in, but they had several reserved tickets for extras, so that's how we did it. It was so cool, seeing myself and my family & friend up there...even if it was 5-10 seconds in all. The movie was so hilarious. It was funny, seeing the 'softball team' up there on the big screen, when we had been hangin around them, being extras, doing what the director told us to, and watching them 'play ball'. Anyways, even though we spent two days out in the blistering hot sun for hours, it was almost worth it....almost. JK


Saturday, April 5, 2008

What's Going On

Well, today is Saturday (duh), and I'm pretty much just hangin' around. Our friend's grandfather died Thursday... We're going to the funeral home tonight. It's so strange, because his wife has had cancer since before Thanksgiving, and she's doing awful as it is. But Mr. Al (that's his name) smoked, and he was on oxygen. Ever since his wife went into the hospital, there was no one to look after him 24/7. He got pneumonia and was taken to the hospital. That was just a couple weeks ago. Thursday we got a text saying that "Al went home today", and not back to his quaint little house. Please keep their family in your prayers, as his wife is still doing bad in the hospital.

Also, if you read my other blog, you'll see what happened with our ducks.... But they are healing, very well.