Monday, August 6, 2007

disney land!!!

me again. i just got home from disney land! i went with my bff. it was really fun, but it rained A LOT! the first day, we went to epcot, then we went to magic kingdom {even though it started pouring before we got to do much, and we had to leave. the rainwater was up to our ankles!}, then we just kinda chilled for a day, and finally we went to animal kingdom. we ate at the rainforest cafe for lunch, and almost missed a ride we had fastpasses for! well, i better go. my sister's birthday party is tomorrow and we have to clean house. yuck! but, we're gonna see bratz, and three of her close friends are coming for a sleepover. time to go. ttyl!


(p.s. my sis has a new blog!


Kelli said...

OMG!! i want to go to disney land sooooooo bad but we have to wait a couple years

chickengirl said...

i loved it! but at magic kingdom it POURED!! the rain was like, up to my ankles after three min!

Kelli said...

oh... i would probly rather go on a sunny day

chickengirl said...

Me too....but that's not how it worked out. just grin and bear it!

by the way, did you vote on my poll?