Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Clean >P

hey. 2day we had to clean house. ugh, i HATE cleaning! and our house is always sooo dirty. and you know what? some peepl left crazy comments on my other blog. i deleted them, but they were all like, "why is ur blog so dumb? who cares about chickens? blah blah blah!" ugh, i'm sorry, but i mean, why would they visit it if they don't like chickens??? what's up with that? anywho, i can't wait till next week. i'm going to an awesome camp. well, gotta go. bye.



Lil' Bean said...

I have 9 chickens. They are all the miniature kind but i love them. their names are Violet, Hatty, Rosey, Goldy, Sunshine, Penny, Daisy, Hershey, and Snickers. Hershey and snickers and just little babyies, and Daisy and Penny and in the middle of babies and adults. My site is and every month i have a new poll for people to vote on stuff!

chickengirl said...

Ooh, finally someone who likes chickens!! Check out my other blog, Thanks!


(P.S. I really like your blog! Also, I have a chicken named Snickers! Actually, it's my sister's. Her page is